Get immediate credit for hours worked before payday. Designed to help you improve your credit score


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Get up to $500 per pay period on your MasterCard
EarnedCard helps you build credit with every swipe
Improving your credit score is hard, EarnedCard can make it easier
  1. Apply on the EarnedCard mobile app.

  2. If you’re approved, we'll send you a MasterCard credit card.

  3. Turn on Location Services and we’ll begin tracking your hours worked. 

  4. Automatically receive Earned$ for hours worked, which increases the amount you can spend on your credit card. We call this: Available to Spend.

  5. The EarnedCard mobile app allows you to view: hours worked, Available to Spend, transaction history, and more.

  6.  Each payday your deposit account will be debited for purchases made with your card since your last payday.

  7. EarnedCard manages your payments to ensure they’re on time.   


How It Works


What It Costs

for the Standard Service Membership

 0% APR for purchases - no interest & no late fees

Cancel any time


EarnedCard & You

EarnedCard is designed to help you establish credit from scratch or improve your credit score with no smoke and mirrors.


Every swipe can build your credit. With EarnedCard, you can turn regular purchases into credit-building purchases.

Have no credit or low credit? With EarnedCard, you don't have to become a Wall Street wiz to improve your financial health.

Want credit for your wages before payday? Your EarnedCard's Available to Spend limit increases as you earn your income, so it’s available right when you need it.

With quicker access to funds, you may be able to avoid overdrafts and stay on top of bills and other recurring payments.

Unlike our competitors, with EarnedCard there is no need to ask for advances and no tipping.


Qualifications for the Standard Service Membership


A job and a smartphone


Direct deposit of payroll to a deposit account (not a payroll card)


Go to work at a fixed location (or a few locations)


Don’t worry about your credit score - we don't use it to make a credit decision


Subject to credit approval

The Fine Print

We believe your financial partner should work for you, not against you.

EarnedCard costs $7.00 per month for unlimited transactions, subject to your Available to Spend amount. There are no maintenance, per transaction, or late fees.

We will also offer an Annual Service membership with a  $25 annual fee, with fewer qualifications. For additional information, please email us at

EarnedCard does not charge any interest (0% APR for purchases) or late fees.

For every day you work, your Available-to-Spend limit increases. This can help you avoid late fees and pay your bills on time.

With our Standard Service membership, your deposit account is debited each payday and your card balance is automatically paid in full after each billing cycle.

We have a real live customer support team to answer any questions you have on the phone, via chat, or email.

Our mobile app notifies you of your Available-to-Spend limit, credit for hours worked, and purchases since your last payday.

Use EarnedCard anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

For additional information and to see our terms and conditions, visit our FAQs page.


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