1% cash back rebate

For up to $250 in purchases per month on the EarnedCard

Why pay a per time or monthly service fee for early wage access? Earned does it for free and gives 1% cash back on MasterCard purchases.

Cash back rebates are deposited in a free FDIC-insured savings account, to help promote savings.



How are we able to provide all of the features of Earned for free and even provide cash back?

Do employees have to do anything to get their cash back rebate?

No. At the end of each statement cycle, the cash back rebate is automatically deposited into their EarnedSavings account.

Is there a limit on the cash back rebate?

Yes. The cash back rebate applies to the first $250 in purchases made each statement cycle.

Why is the cash back rebate deposited in the employees savings account?

One of our goals is to help employees obtain greater control over their financial well-being. One way to do this is to achieve $500 in savings. By depositing the cash back rebate directly into the Earned Savings account, we hope this will encourage savings