Get immediate credit for hours worked

Employees are issued a MasterCard, which provides immediate access to earnings after each shift.


They automatically receive credit for hours worked to: spend on their EarnedCard, withdraw from an ATM, or transfer to another account.


While the EarnedCard functions like a debit card, it is a credit card,

with no interest or late fees. 

How it works for card purchases

  1. After each shift, the employee’s “Available to Spend” limit is increased based on their wages earned.

  2. Any purchases made during the pay period are deducted from the employee’s payroll deposit and placed in a reserve account.

  3. When the card payment is due, funds are transferred from the reserve account to pay the amount due.


How it works for ATM withdrawals and transfers

  1. The Available to Spend limit can be also used for ATM withdrawals at 55,000 locations throughout the US.

  2. Alternatively, for no cost, employees can transfer Available to Spend funds to any checking account or payroll card that can receive an ACH.

  3. For immediate transfer to other accounts using VISA Direct, there is a $2.50 fee.

Screenshot 2020-06-26 14.25.36.png
  1. The Earned Mobile App allows employees to view: hours worked, transaction history, savings progress, and payroll information.

  2. The Mobile App also includes: budgeting and saving tools.