What is EarnedCard?

EarnedCard is a MasterCard credit card PLUS a lot more. An EarnedCard allows you to spend money on your credit card - money that you have earned (payroll) but not yet been paid for by your employer. As you work, the amount of money you can spend (Available to Spend) on your EarnedCard automatically increases up to $300. EarnedCard is designed to help you improve your credit score. Building a history of current payments for a credit card will improve your credit score. EarnedCard manages your payments to ensure they're on time, provided that you have sufficient funds available in your account.


Here is how EarnedCard is different: 

  • EarnedCard is a true credit card

  • EarnedCard allows you to spend before payday based on hours worked

  • EarnedCard can help you manage your monthly expenses and avoid overdraft fees

  • EarnedCard provides an opportunity to build & improve your credit score

  • EarnedCard charges no interest (0% APR for purchases) or late fees (for additional cost information, please refer to the question What does it cost to use the EarnedCard?

I currently have a debit card, how is EarnedCard different and better?

EarnedCard is a true MasterCard credit card. Unlike a debit card, even though purchases made using the EarnedCard are charged to your credit card account on the day of the purchase, the total amount of these purchases are not deducted from your bank deposit account until your payday. EarnedCard allows you to spend money (Available to Spend) based on the amount of time you worked, but before you receive it on payday.


More importantly, since EarnedCard is a true credit card, by using it you have the opportunity to build a good credit history and improve your credit score. A better credit score (i.e. FICO) helps you pay lower interest rates on a car or home, and allows you to qualify for loans otherwise unavailable to you.

Will I be approved for an EarnedCard?

Here are the basic qualifications you need to meet to qualify for EarnedCard's Standard Service membership (for Annual Service membership information click here):

  1. You need to be able to work legally in the United States - i.e. have a valid SSN

  2. You must be at least 18 years old

  3. You need to have your own smartphone (Android or Apple)

  4. You must have a job and...

    • Work in one or a few fixed locations

    • Take your phone to work so that EarnedCard can track and estimate the time you are working

    • Receive your pay as a direct deposit from your employer and voluntarily provide EarnedCard access to that account

  5. We need to know that you are who you say you are - so we require a valid state ID during the application process.

  6. Subject to credit approval


You do NOT need a good credit score with the traditional credit bureaus! We don't use your credit score to make a credit decision. You do need to have the ability to pay your balance.

I’m concerned about having a credit card. Won’t I get in trouble with late fees and high interest rates on my credit card purchases?

With EarnedCard, you can take advantage of the benefits of a credit card, but avoid the potential expensive issues. The EarnedCard services will automatically move money from your deposit account to a reserve account when you receive your paycheck. Our mobile app will remind you how much is Available to Spend, and when and how much money will be deducted from your account.   


As long as there are sufficient funds available in your deposit account, this account will be automatically debited to pay your credit card bill for you on time - with NO late fees and NO interest (0% APR for purchases). For additional cost information please refer to the question What does it cost to use the EarnedCard? This payment service is voluntary. Your credit extension will not be conditioned to your repayment by pre-authorized electronic funds transfers. For additional methods of payment and memberships email us at: support.team@earnedcard.com.  

EarnedCard asks for a lot of information about me. Is it safe & secure?

Yes, EarnedCard is very safe & secure. The security of your data is a key feature of EarnedCard and our partners. We have dedicated resources to providing physical security, encryption technology, platform security and PCI compliance to ensure that your personal data remains safe with EarnedCard.

How do you know how much my paycheck is for?

When you apply for the EarnedCard, we confirm your place of employment and pay history. We then estimate your wages earned for each pay period. If you get a raise, promotion, or new job, let us know and we'll update your account.

What does it cost to use the EarnedCard?

The EarnedCard service fee for the Standard Service membership is $7.00 per month for unlimited transactions subject to your Available to Spend limit. 


We will also offer an Annual Service membership with a $25 annual fee, no monthly fees and fewer qualifications. Email us at support.team@earnedcard.com for more information. 

EarnedCard charges no interest (0% APR for purchases) or late fees.

Does my employer have to be involved before I can sign up?

No. We like to work with employers who recognize the benefit of providing the EarnedCard to employees, but your employer's participation is not required. Of course, if you like our service, please let your employer know about EarnedCard and we'll work with them to create a company-wide benefit to offer to all of your colleagues. 

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