Revolutionary early wage access and so much more...

  • Immediate credit for hours worked

  • No cost to the employee or employer

  • 1% rebate in cash back​

  • Designed to improve credit scores

Give your employees greater control over their financial well-being.


Employees are issued a MasterCard, which provides immediate access to earnings after each shift.

For up to $250 in purchases per month on the EarnedCard


Pay Yourself Now


Earned is the only earned wage access provider that reports positive credit data to the credit bureaus.

Free ATM access, free billpay, and free transfers to other accounts. No changes to existing payroll procedures or cash flow.


Earned offers  1.00% APR on savings account balances and more...


How it Works

  • Employees can see their complete financial picture in the EarnedWallet mobile app.

  • They can access their earned but unpaid wages via credit card, ATM, or transfer to any bank account.

  • Simple employer setup with no changes to existing payroll or pre-funding requirements.