Earned encourages savings

Earned supports a variety of techniques to help people save.   

Free Savings Account

Earned provides all employees with an optional free Savings Account. Opening a savings account and directing a portion of payroll to savings works!  Committing 1 or 2% of a paycheck starts the process and begins to develop the savings mindset.


Earned allows employees to set automatic round-up on all credit card transactions, deposited into savings.

Split Payroll Deposits

Employees can designate a fixed amount or percentage of each paycheck to be automatically deposited into savings each pay period.



Interest on Savings

Earned offers 1.00% APR on savings account balances.

Potential Partners

Earned is reaching out to potential partners to offer Match Grants for savings and other programs to help employees achieve $500 in savings.


We know it is hard to save money.

Earned wants to help. There are many excellent organizations that research and guide the most effective processes to encourage savings. While we are not affiliated with these organizations, Earned is committed to following the industry recommended best practices of: